Leylah Harvey


Leylah Harvey is a 21-year-old classically trained singer with an avid passion for opera and musical theatre. Leylah is distinguished by her rich, deep voice and expansive vocal register, with repertoire ranging from soprano to contralto.

Her journey into the realm of music commenced at the age of 12, catalysed by the musical “The Phantom Of The Opera.” Embarking in pursuit of her passions, Leylah commenced formal musical training in musical theatre at the age of 13. Her formative years were marked by valuable experiences with institutions such as the Gosford Musical Society and the Central Coast Conservatorium of Music. Notably, she shared the stage with her father, the acclaimed Australian country singer Adam Harvey, participating in performances onboard the Cruisin’ Country cruises.

A significant milestone in Leylah’s career occurred at 16 years old, when she performed on “Bravo: Cruise of Performing Arts,” in 2018. Leylah has also performed with the Celtic Tenors during their Australian tour in 2019. Leylah was trained in musical theatre by Australian Army Band Performer Tanya Christensen and classical singing by late mezzo-soprano Jacqueline Dark. Currently, under the guidance of her mentor Mirusia, Leylah is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts with a major in music with a commitment to honing her craft and academic pursuits in tandem.

Leylah has also just recorded her debut self-titled EP, which showcases a range of genres from her country roots to her operatic aspirations. She is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to return to the wonderful and esteemed Bravo cruise in 2024 where she will be performing again.

Leylah Harvey